We will make Joaquin Luna’s dream come true.

Outside of the political debates, we are among those truly touched by the tragic passing of Jaquin Luna.  

Rather than bringing up conversations of who/what is to blame for unfortunate circumstances, English Spanish Success™ is all about positive outcomes.  Joaquin Luna was a brave student who strived to change the world, and we must realize there are many others in Joaquin’s situation.

Below you can find a touching essay of his:

“Fulfilling a dream in waiting…” by Joaquin Luna.

Dedication, effort and hard work has always been with my family, all done for us children in order to survive in this world. At a young age we were taught to never give up in life and to always keep moving forward no matter the obstacles we face. The toughest job I have ever done was picking asparagus off the fields, in Big Rapids, MI. I still remember the hot sun and the sunburns my family and I would acquire when picking the asparagus the wrong way. That summer I struggled, it seemed like it was never coming to an end.

My motivation grew stronger as the season was coming to an end. I could see the tiredness and anxiety in my family’s face. When it came to school my grades were good, but since I started traveling to different states after my parents’ struggle in finding a job. Credit-wise I wasn’t doing good as I started traveling most of the schools I went to didn’t offer any of the classes they were offered in my previous ones. It was a major complication for me but thank god I was able to overcome and accomplish everything needed in order to have earned every credit necessary. When it comes to communication between my teachers, it progressed incredibly. I started to be more outspoken and learn how to ask questions when necessary. I’ve set up goals to become the first in my family to go to college and have fought hard to get to where I stand now. For example, I plan in making it to at least top 25% of my graduation class would be one of my most outstanding achievements if I fulfill to accomplish. Knowing that my older sisters didn’t attend college gives me the encouragement to try my best and finish off what they couldn’t start.

One of my favorite and by far one of my strongest subjects is math. I’ve adapted to math as a different language we need to understand to make it in this world. Since I have really good impressions in the math field I have considered studying a career that deals with it. That is where Architecture will fall under place for my perfect match. My vital goal is to become a successful architect and help my family in any way possible the way they have always helped and been there for me.

If I had the financial requirements to pursue my goal there would be nothing more standing in the way to achieve it. I have confidence that the C.A.M.P program can help me become that person I’ve always dreamed of becoming. It would make a major impact in my whole family especially to my parents who have struggled practically their whole life. They have unconditionally supported me and will continue to do so for the benefit of my brothers as well. I want to demonstrate to them that all that agricultural work done and all those days of giving their best would have been worth it. The sound of being the first one of my family graduating from college makes me want it more because I want to prove not only to myself but to many other people especially my own sisters that even because we don’t have the financial support doesn’t mean we need to quit in fulfilling want we always wanted to. That right there would really complete my dream.


We believe in Joaquin, his parents, siblings, and the rest of their family.  Joaquin’s potential was driven by what we stand for in our mission:

    • Student Leadership – Joaquin’s determination to be successful
    • Parental Involvement - His loving family who sacrificed and supported him
    • Community Support – His fellow community in Texas who promote success among the youth
    • Classroom Solutions – The curriculum and instructors who reach students like Joaquin


How English Spanish Success™ will fulfill dreams for all…

  • ESS!™ is working with likeminded organizations to support local events helping to connect Spanish-speaking families with educational organizations to promote a long-lasting college-seeking culture.
  • ESS!™ focuses on developing innovative ways to engage parents into the learning process within Hispanic communities using technology as well as local activism initiatives.
  • ESS!™ is partnering with organizations to develop school-based sustainable Hispanic student leadership programs in order to curb drop-out rates, foster students’ confidence and pride, and boost overall student achievement.
  • ESS!™ is developing unique instructional programs that promote English and Spanish fluency for students and parents that center around core academic priorities to open opportunities in life and career.


Our movement is in its important growth stage, and we ask for you to join us.  Please comment on this post to discuss positive outcomes as we bring a better and more fulfilling life to young learners and their surrounding community.


*We found the essay’s content here


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