Crossing the Language Divide

Are you an educator searching for a way to teach both native English and native Spanish-speaking students simultaneously? Do you want to bridge cultural gaps in your classroom?  English Spanish Success offers digital content solutions to help you and your students pass over the chasm of misunderstanding and arrive in a place of clarity.

A division of Sunburst Digital, ESS is proud to be part of new digital content solutions Sunburst will launch the month of January. In addition to its popular Sparkito! Kinder early language learning program, English Spanish Success introduces Comprendo! Elementary and Claro! (It’s Clear) technology—tools which help make dual language learning in the classroom not only possible, but fun!

It’s time to bridge cultural gaps.

In today’s globalized world, speaking multiple languages is becoming more of a necessity than an option.  Education-based dual language learning promotes bilingualism, helps students respect ethnic groups different from their own, and ensures all children have equal opportunities for success.


At English Spanish Success, our year is already off to a great start as we look forward to bringing you more engaging digital materials designed to enhance the world of dual language learning.  We wish you and your family a wonderful 2012!

A different language is a different vision of life.  ~Federico Fellini

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