Freedom for the classroom: Libertad

Studies show schools across the nation are seriously lagging behind when it comes to teaching U.S. History and Civics. The Department of Education recently released this report with a national call to action to enhance civics learning and democratic engagement for all students throughout the American education system.  Efforts are are being made to come up with innovative ways to spark student interest in the U.S. Constitution. Tools such as Libertad bring access and freedom to all learners, ensuring kids across the country gain better understanding of U.S. History.

Secretary Arne Duncan states, “The goals of traditional civic education–to increase civic knowledge, voter participation, and volunteerism–are all still fundamental. But the new generation of civic learning puts students at the center. It includes both learning and practice—not just rote memorization of names, dates, and processes. And more and more, civic educators are harnessing the power of technology and social networking to engage students across place and time.”

We hope that products like Libertad inspire more innovative ways to reach and teach students.


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