Claro! Grades 4 - 8

Our scaffolded Middle School complement to Sparkito! y Comprendo!

Claro! moves your Spanish-dominant speakers from dual-language reliance to grade-level expectations for every state, Common core across Math, Science and Social Studies.  Formative and Summative Assessments + Tier 2 ELAR-based Academic Vocabulary. Claro! (It’s Clear!) comes in an easy to use Plug n’ Teach technology.

“One of the things we like best about these products is the ease of use.  They are very self explanatory and teachers can use them without having to go through days and days of inservices.  They captivate the students’ attention and explain concepts in a manner that is easy for the students to grasp.”

- Dr. Virginia N. Richter
Area I & II Administrator, Pharr-San Juan – Alamo ISD


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