Libertad – Social Studies Grades 4 - 8

Libertad Bilingual Social Studies Curriculum

Social Studies Bilingual Curriculum for Early American History

Libertad is a “Plug ‘n’ Teach” Early American History course. This enticing course is a dual-language (English and Spanish) course of US history, from a historical overview of Pre-Columbian Native Americans through the era of Reconstruction. Libertad offers history lessons with engaging assessments, activities, and lesson plans.

Libertad introduces a curriculum of Early American History (from Columbus up to 1877) correlated to state’s academic standards. Libertad also offers an interactive study of the US Constitution that includes 100 questions covering fundamental events and facts of US history and the US constitution.

The study of American History and the Constitution is often underserved in our educational institutions and tools such as Libertad bring access and freedom to all learners, ensuring kids across the country gain critical understanding of U.S. History.

Adult Education and Libertad
Ms. Cecilia Colome, Director of Curriculum and Academic Standards at ESS! states, “Helping prepare limited English proficient students means also supporting the needs of their Spanish-dominant speaking parents as well. Students elevate their own chances of success by being able to share a resource like Libertad with adult learners, such as their parents. We have included U.S. citizenship questions as an integral part of this curriculum for that reason.”

Libertad screenshots: