Sparkito! Kinder Pre-K - K

Sparkito! kinder provides teachers and parents with an easy to use, guided program for language acquisition that compliments any Spanish or English Pre-K and Kinder learning environment.

Sparkito! kinder contains multimedia content mixing song with vocabulary reinforcement and student activities arranged in thematic units and instantly translatable (audio and on screen text) in Spanish and English. The program combines a simple “Plug n’ Teach” device for the classroom with an optional web-based student portal to help promote parental involvement and access to content outside the classroom.

Sparkito! kinder is available to classrooms, parents, and of course students.

Sparkito! Sparkiddos Wristbands

The Sparkito! kinder Sparkiddos wristbands are the perfect tools for English-Spanish early learners and make learning English fun. The software is conveniently loaded on the USB embedded into the wristband. Students can carry them around to and from school, and plug them in for use anywhere there is a computer.

Teacher ESS!™ Edition

The Sparkito! Teacher ESS!™ Edition comes with a USB lanyard containing the Sparkito! software, 2GB of free storage space, online access for parents and kids (up to 25 users), an ESSentials™ 100 Spanish-English classroom words booklet, Sparky praise stickers, and ESS! assignment stamp.

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