• Community Support

    ESS! is working with likeminded organizations to support local events helping to connect Spanish-speaking families with educational organizations to promote a long-lasting college-seeking culture.

  • Parental Involvement

    ESS! focuses on developing innovative ways to engage parents into the learning process within Hispanic communities using technology as well as local activism initiatives.

  • Student Leadership

    ESS! is partnering with organizations to develop school-based sustainable Hispanic student leadership programs in order to curb drop-out rates, foster students’ confidence and pride, and boost overall student achievement.

  • Classroom Solutions

    ESS! is developing unique instructional programs that promote English and Spanish fluency for students and parents that center around core academic priorities to open opportunities in life and career.

In Action

  • ESS! Will Make Dreams Come True

    The ESS! movement involves starting children with multi-language curriculum to increase positive outcomes. With the support of parents, teachers and communities, we will make children’s dreams come true.

  • ESS! at Feria Para Aprender

    The ESS! Team had an amazing time at the Dallas Feria Para Aprender! It was the announcement of our Sparkito! product and the attendees loved it! We believe in Illuminating Latin Lives!