We believe Engl¡sh Span!sh Success brings freedom to young learners.

The movement is designed to meet the growing demand from educational communities looking for academic achievement solutions that inspire Spanish-dominant learners.

Engl¡sh Span!sh Success (ESS!), a division of Sunburst Digital, targets the needs of educational communities with academic achievement solutions for Spanish-speaking learners.  The movement is intent on illuminating Latin lives by connecting educators and parents with innovative digital curriculum and instructional resources tailored to the needs of Spanish-speaking students and their support community.  ESS! offers a complete K-8 digital content solution focusing on dual language acquisition; a Kinder solution (Sparkito!), an elementary solution (Comprendo!), and a Middle School solution (Claro!).  The ESSentials™ line of products offer support resources for non-Spanish speaking teachers working with Spanish-speaking students; and Nexo Familiar™  helps parents with limited English proficiency support their children’s school responsibilities.

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